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South Jersey's Wildlife Removal Experts 

Keep Your Attic Critter-Free! When wild animals invade your home, wildlife exclusion is crucial to safely and effectively remove them. Wildlife exclusion is the most reliable method for evicting animals from unwanted areas such as the attic, walls, or soffits. Once these critters are ousted, we meticulously seal off all potential entry points to prevent reentry.

Nuisance wildlife can wreak havoc on your property, leading to costly damages. Don't hesitate! If you suspect a raccoon or squirrel has taken residence in your attic or soffits, contact us promptly for swift wildlife control services.

Remove Raccoons and other Wild Animals From Your Home or Building

Military discounts and free consultations for seniors 65 yrs and up. 

Expert Raccoon & Squirrel Removal Serving South Jersey

Dealing with Unwanted Raccoons Animals in Your Home?

Are you hearing strange noises in your attic or seeing damage to your roof and soffits? You might have an animal in your attic or crawlspace. If you suspect raccoons have invaded your home in Gloucester County, NJ, don't wait – call us today for expert raccoon removal services.

Specialized Wildlife Management Solutions

At Conscious Critter Removal, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional wildlife control services tailored to the unique needs of Gloucester County and the broader South Jersey region. Our team of certified wildlife specialists offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to effectively address and prevent nuisance animal issues:

Raccoon Removal in Gloucester County, NJ

Our flagship service focuses on the humane and efficient removal of raccoons from residential and commercial properties. Leveraging years of local experience, we employ cutting-edge techniques to safely extract raccoons from attics, crawl spaces, and other vulnerable areas of your property.

Beyond raccoon management, our expertise extends to a wide array of wildlife species common to South Jersey. Whether you're dealing with squirrels, opossums, bats, or birds, our team possesses the knowledge and tools necessary to implement effective control strategies.

Advanced Exclusion Services

We don't just remove nuisance animals; we prevent their return. Our exclusion services utilize industry-leading methods and materials to seal potential entry points, reinforcing your property against future wildlife intrusions. This proactive approach encompasses:

  • Thorough property inspections to identify vulnerabilities

  • Installation of robust, species-specific barriers

  • Application of deterrents to discourage wildlife proximity

  • Ongoing maintenance recommendations to ensure long-term protection

Why Choose Us for Raccoon Removal in Gloucester County, NJ?

We prioritize customer satisfaction and effective raccoon control. Our local expertise in Gloucester County ensures we understand the unique challenges of raccoon problems in this area. Don't let these clever critters threaten your home's safety and your peace of mind – reach out today for professional raccoon removal in Gloucester County, NJ!

Do You Think You Have a Raccoon or Squirrel in Your Home?  

We understand that you are calling us to handle a stressful situation, so we make sure to make this experience as easy as possible! Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we take the time to explain step-by-step how our four stage plan will to solve your critter problem. We also offer military discounts and free consultations for seniors 65 yrs and up. 

Need to get rid of an animal in your attic? No problem! We offer exceptional animal eviction and wildlife removal services. Our expertise in wildlife exclusion means that we can address all your needs comprehensively. If you're located in Williamstown, NJ or any of the surrounding communities, give us a call for reliable wildlife control services.

Proudly serving the Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Cape May County and Gloucester County 

Dan was very professional and saved 3 baby raccoons that were stuck in between my ceiling and floors ! Amazing work

Eric Cruz NJ

Wildlife Exclusion Services: Protect Your Property from Unwanted Guests

When uninvited wild animals find their way into your home, it's essential to act swiftly. Wildlife exclusion is a proven method for safely and effectively removing critters from areas like the attic, walls, or soffits. These creatures have no place inside, which is why our experts specialize in ensuring they are promptly and humanely relocated.


The Threat of Nuisance Wildlife

Nuisance wildlife can wreak havoc on your property, leading to costly damages. Whether it's a raccoon in the attic or critters nesting in your roof or soffits, the repercussions can be severe. Wild animals can carry fleas and ticks, they can be unpredictable and aggressive, and can create quite a mess in your home. Don't wait until it's too late. If you suspect wildlife intrusion, contact us immediately for rapid and reliable wildlife control services.

Protect Your Home with Wildlife Exclusion Services

Our wildlife exclusion services are designed to safeguard your property from unwanted guests. By sealing off potential entry points post-removal, we prevent re-entry and ensure your home remains secure. Trust us to handle any wildlife intrusion with professionalism and expertise, keeping your property and loved ones safe from harm.

Wildlife Exclusion Services: Expert Removal of Raccoons in the Attic

When wildlife intrudes into your home or building, they can cause extensive damage, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Our wildlife exclusion services specialize in removing animals from hard-to-reach areas like attics, walls, and soffits. Wildlife exclusion services offer a safe and efficient way to remove wild animals, such as raccoons, from areas they shouldn't be. If you think there may be a raccoon, squirrel, bird, or bat in your attic, it's crucial to act swiftly to prevent potential damage to your property. Wildlife exclusion allows the animal to leave the attic, but doesn't allow them to get back in. All we have to do is set the trap up and allow the animal to go about their regular routine, so it's the least stressful method of wildlife removal. It's animal eviction - They leave and we change the locks!

How Wildlife Exclusion Works

Our team will safely remove the raccoon from your attic and then seal off any entry points to prevent future intrusions. By practicing wildlife exclusion, we ensure that the critters are removed for good, giving you peace of mind. Wildlife exclusion is like animal eviction - they leave the attic to gather food, water, or materials to make a nest, and we change the locks on them! We use a specialize one-way trap that allows the animal to leave through it, but they can't get back in. With wildlife exclusion, the animal can leave without interacting with humans, which can cause them a great deal of stress and they can return to the natural habitat that they are used too. We want the critters to live freely, but just not inside peoples homes! 

Don't wait until the situation escalates. If you suspect a raccoon in your attic or notice signs of wildlife nesting in your property, contact us immediately for rapid wildlife control services.

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