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flying squirrel - animal in the attic - williamstown, nj


Serving Williamstown, NJ and the rest of South Jersey

Your Go-to Critter Removal Experts

When you’ve got an issue with chipmunks or flying squirrels in your yard or home, it’s best to not try and handle it yourself. This could potentially make the situation even worse. Instead, it’s always a good idea to give the professionals a call. And at Conscious Critter Removal in Williamstown, NJ, that’s what we’re here for! Let’s get things started today! 

Flying squirrels don't actually fly, but they do glide! They can glide for up to 300 feet in a single glide. Their patagium, a loose fold of skin between their limbs, acts as a parachute, allowing them to navigate through the air. They can glide from across your yard onto your roof, where they can try to find their way into the attic. 

Protect Your Garden from Chipmunks

If you're struggling with a chipmunk infestation, you know firsthand just how skilled these little critters are at burrowing. They're experts at constructing intricate tunnel systems underground, where they can hide and store their food. During the day, you'll see them scurrying around, collecting and hoarding all sorts of foods in their cheek pouches. Their diet is incredibly varied - they'll feast on nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, insects, and even small vertebrates. Unfortunately, their ability to store large quantities of food in their cheek pouches means that they can transport vast quantities to their burrows with ease. These active little rodents can be found throughout the year, but if you're looking to get rid of them from your yard or garden, it's crucial to note that they might enter a period of torpor during the winter months. If you need professional help with chipmunk removal or want to prevent them from invading your property altogether, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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