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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conscious Critter Removal and what do you do?

Our goal is to improve the relationship between humans and critters when it comes to wildlife removal situations. Critters are just looking for food, water, and/or shelter, so we don’t want to hurt them! Our mission is to humanely remove the animals while providing information on how to keep these little critters from coming back and causing damage. We evict critters from your home, so they don’t cause damage or endanger your loved ones. 

How can I tell if I have a critter problem?

Critters are usually the most active first thing in the morning or just as the sun goes down at night. If you hear scratching, rustling, or movement around those times, chances are you might have a critter issue. Also if you look at your downspouts and see what looks like mud, you might have a raccoon. Groundhogs, moles, skunks, chipmunks and other ground dwelling critters usually can be found by searching your property for new holes or upset dirt. 

Are Raccoons, Squirrels, and other Critters dangerous?

They can be! Raccoons have the highest incidence of rabies and can carry all kinds of diseases, so you want to avoid contact with them if possible. In general, you want to keep your distance from these wild animals, just to be safe. If you have a critter issue, call the professionals and let them take the risk. 

How does the process work?

You can submit the critter form to us or call us directly in order to schedule your consultation. We will come out and assess the situation, come up with a strategy to evict the critter, and what we would do to seal off the entrance. Once we feel confident the animal is gone, we will go through the attic or crawlspace to verify that we got them out. Then we will seal up any holes we find and suggest a strategy to keep your home critter-proof. 

What happens to the critter once it has been caught?

It depends on the situation. We try our best not to traumatize both our customer and the animal itself- it didn’t mean to invade your space, but it can’t just stay in your attic forever! If we can evict the critter without confronting it physically, we will go in that direction. If we need to trap them, we usually will release them somewhere on the property once the entrances they used are sealed. If they are babies or look like they might be sick, we will take them to an animal hospital so they can be rehabilitated.

Got Critters?

Trust the Wildlife Removal Experts

If you think you have raccoons or squirrels in your attic, bat's in your gable vents, or even groundhogs digging up your yard, contact us now for a Critter Consultation! We will investigate the issue and give you a quote for how much the service will cost.

Thanks for submitting!

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