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Wildlife Removal
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We Catch Critters in the Act!

Check out photos from our adventures with wildlife removal services. Every job has its own challenges, whether it's Raccoon or Squirrel Removal, Evicting Critters from attics, or Trapping Critters on the Ground. Take a look at the amazing stuff we've encountered at Conscious Critter Removal.

We use equipment to capture critters entering and living entry points, so we can be sure we have the right strategy for wildlife exclusion. We've caught some great photos of raccoons, squirrels, bats, groundhogs, and other critters as they sneak onto roofs and into attics. You'll find a range of creatures on display, including a few adorable baby raccoons that might remind you to keep an eye out for a raccoon on your property. We even have some raccoon and squirrel poop photos so you can easily identify whether or not you have a raccoon on your property or just the neighborhood cat.

Our carefully curated collection highlights the importance of wildlife control to ensure the safety of both humans and animals. Explore effective removal methods and seek guidance from local wildlife control or animal services. Our friendly professionals are here to provide safe and ethical practices for dealing with raccoons and other wildlife encounters.

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